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Dear President Obama;


You don't know me; we've never met, I've never been to one of your speeches or public appearances and I doubt you've read my work. I'm not a Democrat, I'm not a Republican, in fact my politics as far as this letter are concerned have no bearing. Suffice to say I am conservative in most things, but in all things I value my individual freedom first and foremost and that includes freedom from the overreach of the federal government.


However, here we have an opportunity to act, decisively and immediately, to counteract what may turn out to be so uncontrollable and disastrous that not acting is simply no longer an option. Here is an example of exactly the power that the federal government was intended to wield, has a duty to wield, expressly, the defense of this country from a foreign invader, in this case a terrible virus that's already been woefully underestimated in its ability to travel and spread and kill.


Now is the time, Mr. President, now is the moment to put aside political advantage, to put aside concerns over legacy or image and either act through executive order, as you've pledged to do when Congress fails to act, or to use your bully pulpit to get Congress moving on a plan to restrict travel from these areas where the infection is running wild, quarantine anyone traveling from those areas into the United States until they can be completely screened and mobilize the Department of Health and Human Services. 


The deadly effects of this scourge are, as I'm sure you know, devastating. The areas in West Africa that are effected need our help, they need our expertise and resources and they need our American capacity for compassion and charity. As a world leader of your stature, you have an incredible and unique opportunity to mobilize and motivate people in the cause of fighting Ebola worldwide, stopping this plague before it can wipe out the poorest people in the poorest countries on earth who have no way to combat it. All of those things can be done, should be done. But first, immediate action is required here to make certain and sure that no more Americans can possibly be exposed and you alone, Mr. President, are in the best position to take that action.


But, I know you don't need me to tell you what needs to be done. I know you're a highly intelligent, highly motivated public servant and I know that, as a father, you will do everything you can to protect your family and our families from this awful disease. I'm just asking you, imploring you, as a father myself, as a grandfather and as an American citizen, please don't put off this decision any longer.  


With all due respect, Sir, I would much prefer to eat crow later on when nothing happens than be food for the crows when it does.



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