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Watching Jurassic Park:The Lost World...


...the great novels these movies were derived from were written by the late Micheal Crichton. one of my favorite authors ever. Crichton's attention to detail and exhaustive research into his subject matter made him one of the most influential writers of his time, inspiring many blockbuster movies including Jurassic Park, Congo, Sphere, The Great Train Robbery and The 13th Warrior as well as  the smash hit television series, ER.


If you've never read a Micheal Crichton novel, Jurassic Park and The Lost World are great ones to start with. I guarantee after reading these two remarkable novels you will see the movies in a different light.





Source: http://www.amazon.com/Ad-Infinitum-William-Fripp-ebook/dp/B00I2W991E