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An Open Letter To Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

*Note: I wrote this originally several years ago before Mr. Sharpton's weight loss*


Dear Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson:


For the love of all that’s holy, shut the hell up.


You are not now nor have you ever been relevant, clever, or anything other than race baiting, rabble rousing media whores with no agenda other than your own self aggrandizement and it is time for you both to abscond with your ill gotten gains and retire to some remote island in the Caribbean where there still may be someone who cares about you or wants you around.


We Americans have had enough of you. We’ve tired of putting up with Mr. Sharpton’s supercilious brand of rhetorical flimflamming, bellying up to any dais sturdy enough to support his ponderous bulk and waxing ridiculous to anyone with the lack of understanding to listen.


You are a charlatan, Mr. Sharpton, the punch line to a bad joke told by old, gray haired men at the local barber shop who while away their time complaining about what may have happened to people they’ve never known in a time centuries before they themselves were even born. You inject yourself into the conversation of a nation that no longer finds your shtick amusing or germane to anything other than being an example of what not to say or how not to act. We haven’t forgotten the fraud you perpetrated or the deaths you caused and I say to you, sir, that your time has been long overdue and that you should fade quietly away into the fog of hate and mistrust you yourself have created and never return.


As for you Mr. Jackson, the coattails you rode in on can no longer support you. Dr. King’s legacy is not yours to usurp any longer. You have been exposed. You are not the virtuous paragon you make yourself out to be. You are not the champion for the downtrodden and disenfranchised; you are merely a sad caricature, a political cartoonist’s dream subject, a rhyming dictionary written in crayon with no real purpose other than, like your counterpart Mr. Sharpton, to see your comic visage on a television screen as many times as humanly possible, interjecting yourself where you are neither wanted or invited and relying on the crutch of racial victimization to keep those on whom you impose from telling you to buzz off.


The real stink that emanates from you both is the veneer of piety that you claim, calling yourselves “Reverend”. There is no reverence about either of you; you are not venerable, you inspire no awe, you provide no moral or virtuous example and you only involve yourselves in the affairs of others to further your own celebrity or to increase your own bank accounts.


Many of us fall short of holiness; many of us are imperfect creatures in the eyes of our fellow man, yet unlike such imperfect creatures as yourselves, we do not hold ourselves up to be worshipped and revered as the archetypal leaders of men, hiding our true faces from the light, portraying ourselves rather than being ourselves and deflecting the consequences of our private actions onto others.


We see you, gentlemen, for who you are. We recognize the truth behind the façade you have so meticulously engineered to obfuscate your alter ego maniacal selves. We have bared your faces to the light and we do not like what we see. So again I say to you with all humility, be gone.


And be quick about it.