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Another journalist apparently beheaded...




Another journalist apparently beheaded...


Will the President send an official to this man's funeral? Will Sharpton and Jackson and the rest of the media whores show up and cry and moan and wail over the death of this American at the hands of these brutal curs? Or is he just another casualty in the non existent war we aren't fighting because it may damage our relations with Muslims? And what about them, the Muslim countries Obama tiptoes so deflty around? Where are the leaders from the "religion of peace"? If someone were beheading innocent people in the name of my religion (if I had one), I would come out against them in the strongest way possible under the dogma I preached. Why are they silent?


I am disgusted by this President and all of the cowards that represent him and his ideology, disgusted that with all of our supposed might, NONE of it can be brought to bear against these animals, these subhuman mongrels who threaten our homelamd, murder our citizens in cold blood on worldwide television and openly insult our way of life. They are DARING us, double dog daring us, and our "leader" trembles and quakes like a kitten in a thunderstorm, mewling and cowering in the gutter of his own cowardice.


Someone berated me recently for not showing the proper respect for the office of the President; well, I HAVE NO RESPECT for that office while it is being occupied by a man who himself HAS NO RESPECT FOR IT! The Obama presidency will go down in history as the beginning of the end of the America we grew up loving, despite it's flaws and setbacks and we will go down with it as the people who did NOTHING to stop it, in fact openly ENCOURAGED it and rode the debris on the way to the ground. But what, really can we do? Short of a bloody revolution where the winner takes all and citizens fight against citizens, the only recourse we have is to SPEAK OUT, like so many of my friends on both sides are FIANLLY beginning to do, SPEAK OUT and say, "THAT'S IT! You're finished, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, ALL OF YOU are DONE and until you start practicing the bullshit you preach, until you start FOLLOWING the examples set by the Founders when they set this Democratic Republic in motion, NONE of you will ever hold office again" 


We have mid term elections coming in November...find out where the debates or town halls are being held and show up and if necessary make them throw you out and arrest you, but MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD! Don't be like Obama and his sycophants, don't be passive aggressive little whining cowards who only want what they're given and who only do want they're told by their so-called leadership, because all they want is your capitulation, all they want is for you to roll over and wait to have your bellies rubbed, like pets. Don't give our American ideals,( GOOD IDEALS, despite what the America haters want to tell you) away to the Obamas of the world. SAVE YOURSELVES and SAVE OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. Before it's too late.